Company Profile

Evergreen Tea Group is a revered name in the premium tea landscape, celebrated for its unwavering commitment to excellence. With a history steeped in tradition and innovation, we have established a formidable presence within the tea industry. Our journey of excellence began with the acquisition of Evergreen Tea Group by Mr. Baid in 2012, under his visionary stewardship, we have consistently achieved new milestones and set industry standards that others aspire to emulate.

Evergreen Tea Group offers a diverse range of teas sourced from the finest tea-growing regions, including Darjeeling, Doars, Assam, Nilgiri, and Kangra. Annually, we proudly sell approximately 500 crores of cups of tea, equivalent to an astounding 15 million kilograms of tea. Our specialties lie in the production of top-notch CTC and Darjeeling teas. With eight manufacturing units strategically located across West Bengal and Bihar, each equipped with cutting-edge technology, we have garnered acclaim from national and international juries.

Welcome to Evergreen Tea Group, where excellence in every sip is not just a commitment; it's our tradition.

  • Our modern manufacturing units across West Bengal and Bihar, are equipped with cutting-edge technology, ensuring quality and consistency in every cup.
  • Home to 165+ blends under one roof - A Proud Member of Evergreen Tea Group Since 2014.
  • A Heritage Organic Tea Garden, Crafting Excellence Since 1888 - Proudly a Part of Evergreen Tea Group Since 2021
  • Welcome to a place where excellence isn't just a commitment; it's a tradition celebrated in every sip.