About company

About company

Who Are We?


Evergreen Tea Group is a Premium Tea Company with a strong presence in the tea business. Our manifold business ventures include manufacturing, distribution, whole selling, and product supply for white labeling. We also supply (both online & offline) products manufactured by our sister companies from Darjeeling, Assam, Nilgiri, and Kangra, selling approximately 500 crores cups of tea annually which translates to a whopping 20 million kilograms of made tea per annum. Our specialties include top-notch CTC and Darjeeling teas. Spread across West Bengal and Bihar its 8 manufacturing units are equipped with modern technology and are acclaimed by national and international juries.

Along with many ingenious ventures, Aman Tea Distributors Pvt. Ltd. recently took into its fold Okayti Tea Estate, one of the most prized tea estates of Darjeeling. Okayti is a legacy brand in the tea industry producing the finest Darjeeling teas which are special attractions in the most luxurious and top-notch tea boutiques of Europe.

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