Chai Chun Tea Boutique

Established in 2015, Chai Chun is India's premier tea boutique, boasting a network of 18+ stores in prime Indian locations. With over 165 unique blends and a robust e-commerce presence, Chai Chun is celebrated as one of India's top tea destinations. The boutique is dedicated to sourcing only the finest ingredients, crafting each blend with care and passion.

Chai Chun recognizes the importance of fresh tea and its impact on flavor and health benefits. By sourcing teas directly from esteemed Indian plantations, they offer customers a superior tea experience. The boutique also highlights the diversity of the tea world, showcasing blends tailored for various moments, moods, and occasions. From traditional teas to expertly blended infusions, Chai Chun offers something for everyone.

Whether you visit one of their stores or shop online, Chai Chun is committed to delivering exceptional tea experiences with care and passion.


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