This is the company’s first tea factory in Bihar. When jute cultivation was being replaced by tea gardens in the Eastern agrarian Bihar, there was no factory to process the raw tea leaves. Inaugurated in 2002, the Apex tea factory stood as the region's pioneer in processing and manufacturing tea.


Evergreen Dooars Tea Pvt Ltd, a cutting-edge CTC tea manufacturing plant, was founded in September 2013. Located in Bhutki, Jalpaiguri, West Bengal, this state-of-the-art facility boasts a world-class machinery setup, employing high-tech systems and fully automated processes. Notably, it stands among the select few facilities known for upholding stringent hygiene standards and implementing environmentally friendly practices for the effective collection and disposal of waste.


Situated in Kalarbari Birban, P.O. - Baloram, Dist. - Jalpaiguri, the Kunta Agro Pvt. Ltd. tea factory was purchased by Mr. Baid in 2022. The facility boasts a fully modernized two-line production setup, complete with cutting-edge machinery.


Founded in 2011, Aman Tea Distributors has emerged as a prominent player in the tea industry, renowned for delivering premium-quality teas. The company owns a portfolio of tea brands and exclusive cafes committed to enhancing the tea-drinking experience. Additionally, it distributes teas from its sister companies, prioritizing meticulous processing and handling to ensure customers enjoy the freshest tea. Aman Tea Distributors is unwavering in its dedication to delivering each cup of tea as fresh, brisk, and flavorful as can be.




Aman Tea Distributors boasts cutting-edge factories sprawled across the scenic regions of West Bengal and Bihar. Equipped with the latest technology, these facilities ensure unparalleled quality and consistency in every cup of tea.

Packet Teas

Bagan Bahar, our packet tea, has already made a significant impact in the market. Renowned for its exceptional quality, this CTC tea enjoys widespread popularity among tea enthusiasts.

Loose Teas

For over a decade, our loose tea has been renowned for its exceptional quality, captivating the palates of tea enthusiasts far and wide. This dedication to excellence has not only established our tea as a household favorite but has also garnered us a distinguished and loyal clientele.