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EvergreenTea group is a group of CTC manufacturing units which provides excellent value added quality tea to its esteemed customers. With a combination of outstanding service to our business associates and value for money products to our customers, Evergreen Tea has rapidly gained faith of a chain of highly supportive business channel partners and satisfied customers, enabling our business to grow and flourish.
We are a nationwide company focused on manufacturing high quality and strong, CTC tea. Passionate about what we do, and how we do it, we have acquired the sort of knowledge and expertise which we believe is second to none.

You have to contact your Logistics Partner. We ship the teas through the Logistic Partner suggested by you. After the check is done at the Logistic Partner’s warehouse, the teas are dispatched and the responsibility of teas transfers to the Logistics Partner from us.

We send you the offer sample when you place sample request in the website. When the offer sample is approved, we send a purchase sample.

It’s quick and easy! Click to sign in button.
You will be asked to fill out your shipping info and then you’re all set! Be sure to look for your confirmation email from us.

Evergreen ships anywhere in India.

We do not accept returns.

All orders will entail an extra shipping / courier charge of Rs. 5 per kg calculated on total gross weight.This charge may vary sometimes depending on your destination.

We dispatch the goods within 3 days of placing the order. Thereafter, the transporter shall take the delivery time.

CTC stands for “crush, tear, and curl” and it is an automated manufacturing process of tea which produces a very strong flavor. Evergreen CTC teas produce a rich deep red/ golden color when they are brewed /boiled.

Yes! It’s totally safe shopping on Evergreen. We have authenticated banking online.

We accept Visa,MasterCard, Debit card, credit card, RTGS and CC Avenue.

To ensure your loose tea stays fresh after it has been opened, please:

1. Keep it in tealeaves’ food-safe storage tins, with the lid tightly closed.

2. Keep it away from direct heat and sun, best kept in a cool location.

3. Keep the tea away from spices, strong aromas, etc. to prevent scent absorption.

If you follow most to all of the above, your tea can continue to stay fresh for up to 1 year. It is important to follow storage directions in order to preserve the flavor and quality of your loose tea. Our teabags are packed with tealeaves rich in essential oils, and individually wrapped using a four layer water-resistant foil structure in order to ensure optimum freshness and the finest aroma and flavor. Perfect for travel!

Please go to our ‘forgot password’ page and follow the prompts.

Yes you can. We offer the following shipping options including additional charges within India

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We use our website as our catalog.

We do not accept cheques or money orders for purchases on our website.

Go to shop, select your tea, add to the cart then click to buy now option. After that you will get auto generated acknowledgement from our end.

Once the order is dispatched it will not be get cancelled.


Orange pekoe is a fine grade of black tea which delivers a deliciously rich, smooth taste and with the full body cup for you to enjoy every day.

Tea has a delicate flavor that can easily be ruined by ‘hard’ water. Hard water is not recommended. It’s best to either use spring water with a low mineral content or filtered water to ensure a delicious cup of tea every single time.

Whole leaf
• SFTGFOP: Super Fine Tippy Golden Flowery Orange Pekoe indicates it contains many tips and is long and wiry in appearance. The liquors are lighter in color.
• FTGFOP: Fine Tippy Golden Flowery Orange Pekoe
• TGFOP: Tippy Golden Flowery Orange Pekoe
Broken leaf consists of small tea leaves or pieces of large leaves.
• FTGBOP: Fine Tippy Golden Broken Orange Pekoe
• TGBOP: Tippy Golden Broken Orange Pekoe
• FBOP: Flowery Broken Orange Pekoe
• BOP: Broken Orange Pekoe
Fannings consists of even smaller leaf sizes than the brokens.
• GFOF: Golden Flowery OrangeFannings
• GOF: Golden OrangeFannings
Dust, the lowest grade, consists of small pieces of tea leaves and tea dust.
• D: Dust

Darjeeling tea estates, or gardens as they are sometimes called, harvest the tea at four times of the year giving rise to four different ‘flushes’. These different ‘flushes’ yield teas with strikingly different characteristics. You can pick tea leaves off the same tea bush at four times of the year and process them in an identical way and yet all four will have a completely different taste! It is an important factor to consider before choosing a pure Darjeeling tea. Understanding the different tea flushes will help you choose which Darjeeling tea might be right for you.
First-Flush (FF)
Harvested in the spring when the air is fresh and the tea leaves young. The first-flush is considered by many to be the finest harvest of the year, yielding the most delicate tasting of the teas with subtle, youthful notes and a mild Darjeeling taste. Sometimes called spring-flush or 1st flush, these teas are characteristically light in appearance and body. Picking usually begins in February and continues until the end of April.
Second-Flush (SF)
Harvested in the sunny summer months the second-flush often yields the most characterful and bold teas of the year with long Darjeeling notes and subtle tones worthy of the most discerning palate. Usually they are fuller in body and darker in colour than their first-flush counterparts. Picking usually begins in June and ends in July.
Monsoon-Flush (MF)
Harvested during the monsoon months when truly open upon Darjeeling this tea is generally not exported or stocked by us. Our tea-taster usually says these monsoon teas taste ‘washy’. That means that the flavour has been washed from the leaves as the tea plants soak up immense amounts of water from the heavy monsoon rains. He also thinks it is cruel to make people pick tea in the rain.
Autumnal-Flush (AF)
Harvested during the Autumnal months this flush usually yields good quality teas with a full-body and a rich, earthy aroma. Often a worthy alternative to the second-flush with a more mature taste and lower price tag.

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