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Okayti is known for the finest quality Darjeeling teas that it has been producing since its inception. It is the heritage brand that has served its teas to the royal tea connoisseurs of India and abroad. Sprawled over 1,600 acres and surrounded by stunning scenery, the estate's elevation ranges between 4,000 and 6,200 feet, making it one of the highest elevation estates of Darjeeling. It produces the finest Darjeeling tea, on average to the tune of 140,000 kilograms of finest quality tea annually.

The year 1870s marked the time when this tea garden from Darjeeling was established. Okayti Tea Estate is also credited to have one of the oldest tea factories of the region dating back to the year 1888. Like most tea estates of Darjeeling, this tea garden too is referred to by another local name, Rangdoo Tea Estate.

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