Director's Desk

Mr. Rajeev Baid

Turning the chapter of a passionate dream to making it a breathable reality - encompasses the journey and romance of a slow steeping perfect cup of first flush tea at its origin. It takes time to identify the perfect crop, the best soil and find a perfect time to harvest to maintain its delicacy and freshness. The journey from the estate of such richness to the cup in your daily routine - counters several steps and more so an enormous amount of attention to detail. But eventually it holds significance, and elevates the mood and the company you have it with.

This romance, this long lasting passionate elegance with tea has been my back- bone, which has led to Evergreen group of companies.

My early days were as a tea vendor in the humble backdrop of railway stations and bus stops in the Kishanganj area of Bihar. The spark within me felt the con- nection of tea with people and how it changed their day or mood. I was deter- mined to learn more about tea and strengthen this connection. With a simple and clear intent, began this beautiful journey that steamed from haziness into reality with the establishment of M/S Apex Tea exports Pvt. Ltd. in 2002. Evergreen group was formed in 2012 and since then, the jouney has been ongoing in leaps and bounds. I, the humble founder and tea connoisseur invite you wholeheartedly to immerse yourself and enjoy the many colours of life with the finest tea offerings from Evergreen group!


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Rajeev Baid


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Mr. Anup Ghimire

Chief Executive

Mr. Roshan Petrie

Sales and Marketing Head

Mr. Mithlesh Saini

Sales Head

Mr. Pankaj Choubey

Garden Manager, Okayti

Mr. Sudan Gurung

Tea Consultant

Mr. Sulabh Pradhan

Head - Factories Operation

Mr. Arka Narayan Dey

Sr. Manager

Mr. Akhilesh Pandey

Head - Sales & Marketing